The story

A lovely legend tells that when we were in our mother’s womb, we knew everything about the universe and the mysteries of its creation. In order to protect this secret, at our birth, a guardian angel would have come and put his finger on our mouth, while whispering “hush”… and at that very moment we’d have forgotten everything. This is why we all have a small hollow above the upper-lip: the mark of the angel.

Our products

Our clothes are designed for kids who play, jump, walk, move… in short, for your little budding explorers to exert themselves without compromising their clothing style! The cuts are therefore comfortable and easy to put on, to the delight of the parents and kids who want to do everything on their own. The style is urban and the quality of its selected materials as well as its fine finishing touches turn our little creations into top of the range products.

Our values

Nowadays, ethics is chic. But more than a latest fad, the respect of our environment is a major responsibility and has to be a daily commitment at all levels. That is why we favour organic and European made cotton, which allows us to reduce transportation and lighten our mark.

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